The Institute of Research Engineers and Scientists (The IRES) is a Registered  Nonprofit International Scientific Society dedicated to the promotion of advance research  in the field of Science, Engineering, and Social innovation at worldwide  by organizing   different international events in associations with various world class Universities ,Institutions. It brings together institutions, bodies and organizations from different countries of the world for discussion and cooperation. The IRES intends to achieve the mentioned objectives and get an international visibility by the organization of international conferences and by interacting with public and private organisms from all parts of the world.read more

Past Conferences


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THEIRES International Conference in Vienna,Austria 26th June 2023

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THEIRES International Conference in London,UK ,19th June 2023

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THEIRES International conference in Seoul ,South korea 20th May 2023

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TheIRES Upcoming Conferences - 2024

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Our Testimonials

Rania Mohamed Samir Hussein

Assistant Professor of Marketing, The American University in Cairo

The conference exceeded my expectations. The caliber of speakers was impressive, and the topics addressed were both relevant and thought-provoking. It was a fantastic platform for learning and connecting with professionals in the field.

Dr. Laila Murtadha Baqer Mohebi

Assistant Professor, College of Education, Zayed University

"I would like to express my appreciation for the well-organized conference. The engaging speakers, interactive workshops, and seamless logistics made it a standout event. I left with new insights and meaningful connections"

Dr. Hassan Izzeddin Yousef Sarsak

University of Pittsburgh, PA, United States

"Attending the conference was an enriching experience. The diverse range of topics covered and the high-quality presentations left me inspired and more knowledgeable. I'm grateful to have been a part of such an impactful event"

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