TheIRES | Faq

Question-1: Who is TheIRES?

ANS: TheIRES is a nonprofit private organization registered as a unit of PETrust registered under Govt. of India dedicated to the promotion of advanced research in the field of Science, Engineering, and Social innovation at worldwide by organizing different seminars/meetings/conferences in associations with various world class Universities and Institutions. It brings together institutions, bodies and organizations from different countries of the world for discussion and cooperation of the academic research activities.

Question-2: How TheIRES is organizing Conferences/ Seminars?

ANS: TheIRES is a nonprofit private organization registered as a unit of PETrust registered under Govt. of India has rights to organize various educations and research activities worldwide. TheIRES collects the fund form the participants as donation registration fees and sponsorship form other Govt. and Private Organizations to organize the seminars and conferences.

Question-3: Is THeIRES Conferences and Seminars have any authenticity?

ANS: As a unit of nonprofit private organization IRES can organize academic seminars and conferences. All conferences are registered under the PETrust has absolute authenticity.

Question-4: Where is the Office of TheIRES situated?

ANS: Corporate Office THeIRES, Dharma Vihar,
Khandagiri, BBSR, India

Question-5: What are the benefits of attending TheIRES Conferences/Seminars?

ANS: The benefits could be varying from person to person. The major benefits of attending the conferences/seminars are to learn new things and recent developments in the field of research and innovation. Enhance your networking and collaborations with other research scholars and participants. Some people may participate to enhance their career goals.

Question-6: Is the publication and documents provided by TheIRES is Valid and will it be acceptable by my College and University?

ANS: TheIRES provides the Publications with a valid ISBN (Issued by Govt.) form a reputed book publisher and also refer the papers for the publication in the Various International Journals. So all the documents provided are absolutely authentic and valid across all educational, research organizations and universities in the world.

Question-7: How TheIRES Selects the research papers or ideas for the conference/meeting?

ANS: As soon as TheIRES receive papers in email or form online submission process it is been reviewed by the Internal/external reviewers of TheIRES. It may be tested in plagiarism software also before get selected. This process may take two to 10 working days.

Question-8: If I have some complaints about the TheIRES how it gets resolved?

ANS: TheIRES is committed to providing the best support. If you face any difficulties and issues, our Coordinators are always ready to help you. You can communicate with us in an email: info@theires.org (The reply will be given in maximum one working day).

Or Call/Whatsapp: +91-8280047487

Or. Drop your message in TheIRES Facebook page

Question-9: What I will do if any meeting or conference gets rescheduled?

ANS: TheIRES may reschedule the seminars/conferences/meetings if there are any issues like fewer number registrations and participants, any natural calamities, Visa or travel issue of the organizing person or any unavoidable issue. In such case, the coordinator informs all the participants (to the Confirmed participants only) in email or call before the scheduled date and time. Read the http://theires.org/rules.php page carefully.

All participants must communicate to theinfo@theires.org if you have any queries.

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